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We are developing an integrated MHD informative system for processing and maintenance of local (Latvia) and worldwide information about scientists, research teams and projects, available literature etc. that falls within the scope of MHD and related subjects.

About databases:

Our website aims to provide and maintain information on MHD -involved research centers, scientists, available literature, events etc. All information is split into several databases (DB) that deal with relative topic.

The main sections are: Research Centers, Scientists, Conferences, Jobs and Bibliography. The data in every DB is sorted by 'Research Center' property, allowing to find information on a definite institution.

You can search any word in every DB to find a person or info you are interested in. Search results are highlighted after you navigate to them. The only exception is our Bibliography DB that is driven by its own processor and search.


Because of some historical reasons, in particular, that many scientific publications had been prepared using LATEX word-processing system and that TeX/LATEX is still very popular in educational and scientific area, our bibliography database is 'LATEX -friendly' and all data can be represented in BibTeX format.

We use the self-developed BibTex-> DB and (vice versa) converter to introduce new bibliography data to our DB as well as to produce data for BibTex.

Bibliography DB is searchable by any standard BibTeX field. Registered users can create their own lists of references by clicking check-fields near every bibliography entry. Subsequently this list will be associated with a definite user and can be translated to BibTeX for creating cites in LATEX . Un-checking the entry in the user's list of references removes the undesired entry.


We appreciate very much any volunteer willing to contribute to creation and addition of our MHD databases. If you have some information on literature, conferences unlisted in our DB that you would like to share among other colleagues, or if you want to list yourself or your institution in our MHD database, please, contact IPUL. This will be very helpful for us and every visitor of this website! You are also welcome to visit our bulletin board to express your ideas etc...


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